Boilers & In Floor Heat

Master Plumbing installs, services, and repairs boilers as well as installs several types of radiant heat applications.

These options operate with water instead of forced air. Boilers can be used in both commercial and residential applications, and use piping rather than ductwork to distribute the heat. High efficiency boilers are available which can provide business owners and homeowners with rebates and income tax credits.

Radiant piping is often used to distribute the heat from a boiler. This enables heat to be distributed exactly when and where it is needed. Radiant heat has many advantages. It provides even heat, and can be less costly. It is quieter and can be zoned easier than forced air in a ductwork system. It can be installed in the ceiling or the floor, and can even be used to heat your towels in the bathroom or to melt the snow in the driveway.

Master Plumbing provides boiler & infloor heat services that includes:

  • Installation, service & repair of hot water boiler systems
  • Installation of radiant heat floor systems
  • Installation of radiant heat for snow and ice melt applications
  • Installation of radiant heat for garage areas
  • Installation of on demand boiler systems
  • Installation of baseboard heating systems

Boiler and Infloor Heat Services and Contractors for the Albert Lea & Austin Surrounding Area

Our plumbers are experts in the latest technologies and advancements. We only use the highest quality parts and products so our work lasts and lasts.

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